Why Did We Found Marani?

We are a team with a passion for creating solutions to improve health and healthcare for women around the world. As we started the company, we were focused on developing prenatal monitoring products. As our journey progressed, our team quickly recognized there was a need for a broad prenatal care solution. We found many gaps in the area of prenatal and postpartum care. These gaps allow us a great opportunity to disrupt this market with a solid care solution. We have been working to advance these concepts to create a unique prenatal care platform at Marani, and we are excited and honored to share the pregnancy journey with each of you. We look forward to sharing more about Marani’s series of M•products including M•wrap™, M•core™, M•other™ and M•care™ System in the coming months as we roll out our prenatal and postpartum care solution.


Why Act Now?

We are in a perfect storm where prenatal and postpartum market needs and technology advancements to enable Marani’s care solution have aligned. Our journey started with my long-standing relationship with the Mayo Clinic and the Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Paul Friedman. It was Dr. Friedman that introduced me to the groundbreaking work that he and his team were doing in adult cardiovascular medicine, particularly in the area of diagnosing, predicting and tracking heart disease with the use of artificial intelligence. Dr. Friedman and his team have developed a number of important tools and findings in this area and continue this exploration today including a focus on how COVID infection impacts the heart.

“We know very little about the hearts and health of babies prior to birth due to the lack of technology to obtain and evaluate the needed information.”


Early on, Dr. Friedman took his ideas for fetal monitoring to Dr. Kyle Traynor an OB/GYN at the Mayo Clinic and a unique collaboration between cardiology and OB/GYN ensued.  These early conversations with this combined Mayo team led to many more conversations and the realization that, although we know so much about the adult heart and the impact of heart health on overall health, we know very little about the hearts and health of babies prior to birth due to the lack of technology to obtain and evaluate information. We believe this lack of information should not be the standard of care and given the tools available in artificial intelligence and adult medicine, and it is our view that the prenatal care clinical community should also have access to deeper and more timely clinical information to help patients and their babies. Dr. Friedman, Dr. Traynor and their joint team had some early ideas about how to approach this problem. I jumped in with both feet to work with the Mayo team and Marani was born. We are here to advance prenatal and postpartum care and are leveraging the technology advances to solve key challenges.